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  • 12.19.12 Our REAL Holiday Traditions


      Holiday traditions are unique and special to each and everyone of us! Whether it’s decorating the Christmas tree, making candy or looking at beautiful Christmas lights on Christmas Eve, everyone can slow down the holiday season hype and enjoy their  REAL traditions! “This is my wish for you: peace of mind, prosperity through the […]

  • 12.12.12 A Body in Balance

    The calm and balanced mind is the strong and great mind; the hurried and agitated mind is the weak one -Wallace Wattles   Successful weight management is not about finding and following the right plan; it’s about knowing who you are & what you need. It’s an inside job. Know your hungers (yes, that really […]

  • 12.7.12 Friday Fav!

    Happy Friday Real Skinny’s! Our Friday Favorite Items over the next few weeks will be our top favorite gifts for this Holiday season! Today we suggest the gift of meditation! This gift can be a gift to yourself or a gift to a loved one. We have done many Chopra Center meditation challenges and absolutely […]

  • 12.5.12 Temptation Resolved!

    The holidays are here and those tasty treats are everywhere-aren’t they?! What is a REAL Skinny to do in these situations where saying no feels impossible but diving in to these treats leaves you feeling hopeless and angry? Not to worry because there is a new focus in town to mange temptation — your desire! […]

  • 11.28.23 Healthy Wealthy and Wise Holidays

    Oprah has her Favorite Things she loves for the holidays, and I have my Favorite REAL Skinny Ways to love the holidays. Here are my CORE healthy, wealthy, and wise ways to experience more joy than ever this holiday season. Don’t make New Year’s Resolutions! A promise to change after the holidays is like giving […]

  • 11.21.12 Those I Love Will Be Gathered..

    Happy Wednesday Real Skinny’s! The Newsletter has arrived “Things will be different, but they will also be the same. I can promise you there will be plenty of teasing, games, and laughter, as there always is. Someone will forget a toothbrush. Yes, we will do things differently this year, but the love we feel for […]

  • 11.14.12 What Happens Outside the Gym..

    True or False: 60 minutes of daily exercise will help you lose more weight than 30 minutes of daily exercise?  If you think with a traditional diet mentality and ran the numbers then you probably guessed true. If you think Outside the Elevator and love getting REAL with your Skinny you probably guessed false, in which case you would be […]

  • 11.7.12 Thinking Outside the Elevator

    November is here which means.. ..a new, fun, motivating, exciting, REAL Challenge! Hooray! The holidays keep everyone super busy leaving exercise at the end of (or completely off) the To-Do List, right? Well have no fear because at The Real Skinny Headquarters we have been thinking up simple ways to add exercise into your daily […]

  • 10.31.12 Staying True to your REAL Skinny!

    Happy Halloween REAL Skinny’s! Are there people in your life that are spooking you away from your healthy eating habits?! We had a REAL Skinny write in recently to tell us about a boss that is an emotional eater and is spooking the staff with her scary habits! Learn the tricks to stay TRUE to your REAL Skinny & […]