June 2012

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  • Friday Fav!

    Hi Real Skinnies! As we prepare for our vacations and travel about- don’t forget to pack this website/ app for an on the go workout! Our Friday Fav is this site (app: “Sworkit”) which has great exercises even if you only have 5 minutes to get your heart beat up! They also have target area […]

  • Friday Fav!

    TGIF! The Real Skinny loves to eat REAL with their family and friends! It’s summer and the produce is so fresh, mouth watering, and delicious! Make eating REAL foods fun with your loved ones like we are for our Friday Fav! What will you eat REAL today with your loved ones?  

  • 6.20.12 I Heart Weight Management

    It’s Wednesday and the newsletter has arrived! Wahoo! If you keep thinking your metabolism, your genetics, or your lack of nutrition know how is the problem with your weight management efforts, think again. Do you have your heart in your weight management efforts? Want to really get real with your skinny?? You already have the equipment..

  • Friday Fav!

    Today’s fav is so fun!! It’s summertime which means strawberries are at their finest sweetness, but cutting off those stems is never a job we’re a fan of. A brilliant kitchen must-have though has been born! It is called the “stemgem” and can be purchased here! It saved us so much time and turned a […]

  • 6.6.12 Gratitude is the Gravy Ya’ll

    Our June Challenge has arrived! Join us and celebrate gratitude in your life by checking out today’s newsletter! Gratitude brings richness to our life like nothing else. Not only does counting our blessings feel good , it is an essential component of good health. All month long we will be sharing the ins and outs […]