August 2012

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  • 8.29.12 Engage Injoy

    Happy Wednesday REAL Skinny’s! You have been Connecting to your Purpose, Owning your Power & Releasing to Renew all month long and now it’s time to Engage Injoy to fully get REAL with your Skinny! CORE Power is what ya got now! Would you consider your every day life, fun?! If not, it’s time to start […]

  • Friday Fav!

    Happy Friday REAL Skinny’s! The COREsheet this week helps you let go of past beliefs and renew yourself of your CORE beliefs. Move inward instead of outward for answers, you will feel better in no time! Take a deep breath & release to renew you!

  • 8.22.12 Release to Renew

    Hi everyone! How are the CORE Principles changing your life so far? Pretty amazing ways, right? Ready to find out what “R” stands for?? Newsletter sneak peak: The first step forward in successful weight management is not to develop an elaborate food and exercise plan, it is to let go. You see, it is impossible […]

  • 8.17.12 Friday Fav!

    Wow, Friday is here again and we can’t wait to share the Friday Fav today! Since you have been Centering on your Purpose all last week and now have begun Owning your Power this week, aren’t you feeling more REAL with your Skinny? It’s a great feeling right? Today we want to help you get even […]

  • 8.15.12 Power Trip

    Happy Wednesday Real Skinny’s! This week is so exciting! Now that we have been Centering on our Purpose all last week, this week brings us to finding out what the “O” in our CORE Principles stands for. O stands for Owning your Power. Just saying that phrase makes you feel powerful, right? The newsletter today explains […]

  • Friday Fav! Purpose COREsheet

    Hi Real Skinny’s! The newsletter this week featured the “C” in our CORE Approach, “Center on your Purpose”. Connecting & centering on your purpose opens you up to learning and growing beyond where you are NOW and allows CHANGE to really stick! Purpose not only picks you up when you self sabotage but grounds you […]

  • 8.8.12 Center on Your Purpose

    Hi Real Skinny’s & Happy Wednesday! The Olympics are in full swing and the constant channel on at my house. As I watch the athletes, I wonder, how do they do it? Which brings me to today’s newsletter on how they Center on their purpose and how you can center on yours starting right now! […]