September 2012

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  • Friday Fav: Crunchy Chips & Creamy Dip!

    Our Friday Fav today is a spin on “Crunchy Chips & Creamy Dip“ (minus the chemicals, preservatives & additives of shelf bought chips & dip) The avocado took a few days to ripen up but once it did, I sliced it in half, cut up some of September’s crunchiest, yummiest veggies (and a tomato for […]

  • Take 10, Say No!

    What have you said NO to lately? Saying YES is a small word with a big responsibility. We all tend to say YES to everything that comes our way to please others when in reality we need to start saying NO to others and YES to ourselves, our goals and our needs Caitlin gives up […]

  • Friday Fav! Take 10 to discover you!

    Friday is Finally Here! Hooray! Our favorite item today is: TAKE 10 to discover you! Although we have been taking 10 minutes every day for ourselves to do what we want to do for us, it is time today to Take 10 minutes to write down everything you LOVE about yourself! Whether it is your […]

  • 9.12.12 Take 10, Be Happy!

    Hi Real Skinny’s! Happy Wednesday! The newsletter has arrived! Caitlin shares with us how she Take’s 10 & get’s REAL with her skinny! From an emotional eating roller coaster to finding pure happiness through the crazy days of life, her story is truly transforming.

  • Friday’s Favorite Item!

    T G I F We are so excited about today’s Friday Fav because it is edible! Salads aren’t so fun without a tasty dressing, right? Well today we have a simple recipe for you to whip up your own dressing that is so good and made with Real ingredients. Ingredients: Balsamic Vinegar (cheapest kind) Olive […]

  • 9.5.12 Take 10!

    Happy September REAL Skinny’s! Get excited because September’s Challenge has arrived and it is one that you are going to LOVE! It is called “Take 10” and is all about you taking 10 minutes EVERY day for yourself to do anything you want to help you connect back to your CORE. It takes time and […]