October 2012

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  • 10.24.12 Between the Bites

    Happy Wednesday REAL Skinny’s!The newsletter has arrived (here is a sneak peek): It sounds like such a simple challenge, but it is so hard to do!! That is the summary of feedback I have received from this month’s challenge DROP and GIVE me 20! It’s not as easy as it sounds – put your fork […]

  • Friday Fav!

    Happy Friday’s Real Skinny’s! Our favorite item today is this fabulous Taste #5 Umami Paste created by Laura Santtini and can be found/bought here or here! Vision this oh so common scenario: It’s dinner time, you have had a long day & are exhausted, everyone is hungry but no one is in the mood to […]

  • 10.17.12 Full AND Satisfied

    Are you ready to double your pleasure to double your fun with eating? It’s a simple shift in the pace you eat your food to feel full & satisfied! No need to stop eating your favorite foods or join the trending new diet fad (it’s left you disappointed before- remember?) to get REAL with your […]