January 2013

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  • January 30,2013 A Moment On The Lips…


    …is just not long enough to really appreciate the taste and flavor of your food. Eating is a multi-sensory experience. Slow down, relax, and enjoy nourishing your body. Use your eyes and notice what is on your plate. Smell the aroma of your food. Chew slowly and appreciate the flavor and texture of what you […]

  • Friday Fav!


    Happy Friday Real Skinny’s! The newsletter this week discussed your eating center and this scale will help you really understand that better. To find your eating center place your hand on your abdomen just below your belly button. It is here that you can begin to learn about your own unique signals and transform your […]

  • January 23, 2013 When to eat? How much?


    What is your current guide for when and how much to eat? A food plan? The clock? The amount of food on your plate? A label? These are all external guides (or triggers) and unfortunately, create more confusion than they do clarity in your efforts to be a successful weight manager. Your eating center is […]

  • January 9, 2013: Your One WORD


    Happy New Year REAL Skinny’s! This year I want you to give up your laundry list of goals and resolutions to change what’s wrong about you. It makes for a tough road to follow and it’s not a particularly successful one. Instead, I want to offer a new approach to change for the New Year […]