Friday Favorite: Make Eating Fresh & Real Easy!

“Eating Fresh & Real at every meal is so hard though”

“Eating fruits and veggies doesn’t taste good”

“Real foods take too long to cook”

…Ever heard these excuses before or said them yourself? Don’t worry we’ve all been there but to get real with our skinny, it’s time to get real with our mindset- just like we learned this week (All the information in the world about eating healthy, exercise, hunger and fullness, satiety, and on and on will not help you, if your mindset won’t support the changes you want to make. Your mindset cannot be different than the results you want)..Celery, Carrots, Tomatoes

Therefore, if we want to be healthy and have wellness levels through the roof  (hello getting real with your skinny), it’s time to change our thoughts about eating fresh and real.. Here are some questions to answer internally to help get you started and give you a fresh perspective:

What does eating REAL mean to you? (for example, does eating real mean that the whole meal is fruits and vegetables or does eating real mean incorporating one or the other in every meal?)

What does fresh taste like and how does it make you feel? (for example, does eating fresh food make you feel refreshed or does it make you feel lousy? Does eating fresh food give you more energy or does it make you fall asleep?)

What is your favorite fruit and why? (for example, did you always eat oranges because you had an orange tree out back or did you love the refreshing feeling of eating watermelon on a hot day?)

What is your favorite veggie and why? (for example, do you love carrots because they snap when you eat them or do you love making trees out of broccoli?)

Caitlin filmed this short video clip on what she likes to do right when she gets home from the store so she eats fresh and real at every meal! Enjoy!



About the Author:

Mary Fox, LMHC, RD challenges the traditional approach to weight management to help people discover their path to success. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Registered Dietitian, she combines both disciplines into a unique and comprehensive approach that is changing the way we understand weight management.

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