Friday Fav: Be a DIY Garden Goddess

It’s hard eating Fresh & Real at every meal.. We understand, Life Happens but we are one step ahead of life when it comes to eating Fresh & Real..

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Therefore, It’s time to create your very own DIY Garden (or your very own Farmer’s Market)  that can be as small as a window sill or as large as your backyard..

photo 1


1.Soil (preferably organic)

2. Pot / Bucket / Wheel barrel / Back Yard- anything goes!! (depends on how large or small you want it)

3. Seeds of vegetables & spices (carrots, lettuces, eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, kale, broccoli, etc)

4. Sunshine

5. Water

6. TLC

photo 3

To prepare your lovely creation, pour soil into your desired container. Flatten it out, open seed packets and create sections in soil to sprinkle in various veggies & spices. Quench those seeds thirst with some water, place little tags to identify your ingredients & repeat water allowance daily.. You’ll be eating fresh & real in no time! Enjoy your beautiful flourishing garden!



About the Author:

Mary Fox, LMHC, RD challenges the traditional approach to weight management to help people discover their path to success. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Registered Dietitian, she combines both disciplines into a unique and comprehensive approach that is changing the way we understand weight management.

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