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November 20, 2013
Here is the good news! The media reports showing that individuals gain an average of 6-10 pounds over the holidays are exaggerated. The actual weight gain is between 2-5 pounds. Unfortunately, here is the bad news. The weight we do gain over the holidays we tend to keep and even worse news, this is true for children as well, who will hold onto that weight for life.
Studies show that if you are overweight, you are likely to gain more weight (3-5 lbs) and to hold onto that weight after the holidays. Whereas, individuals within a normal weight range are more likely to only gain 1-2lbs and not carry that weight over into the New Year.
Stock Photo Why is this? Metabolism, genetics, thyroid? No, it is actually due more to the differences in beliefs between overweight and normal weight individuals. Which brings me to a REAL Skinny you will want to remember: Your beliefs drive your thoughts and your thoughts drive your behaviors! Overweight people tend to believe they will never be successful at weight management and so their thought patterns drive behaviors that encourage overeating. Thoughts like: “Oh well, I might as well eat this since I never seem to lose weight anyway,” or “I am so tired of struggling, nothing ever works for me!” Individuals who maintain their weight within a normal range have learned (key words here: have learned) to believe in themselves and their success and so their thoughts direct eating behaviors more aligned to their needs. Thoughts like: “This food tastes delicious, but I am full,” or “I enjoy feeling comfortable after I eat, so I don’t want to eat any more.”

What thoughts are driving your behaviors? Do you believe in yourself and your efforts? If you aren’t getting the results you want, listen carefully to your thoughts. What are they saying? Are they driving the behaviors you want?

Here are a few REAL Skinny thoughts to try: I eat what I need. I can always have more later. I enjoy feeling comfortable when I eat.
You don’t need to lose weight to believe in yourself, but you do need to believe in yourself to lose weight! Now that’s how we get REAL with our thoughts and our Skinny!



Food for Thought… Apple Core
“The ancestor of every action is a thought.” 
                             ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


The Real Skinny & Love your CORE Pilates Weekly Core Technique
The Real Skinny & Love your CORE Pilates Weekly Core Technique



We’ve come a long way, baby… or have we? We choose our style, our careers, and our mates.  But when it comes to our bodies and our health we are still stuck in the ‘No Vote, No Choice’ era of the 20’s.
old time dietingThis exciting presentation will open your world beyond the outdated methods of our mother’s restrictive diet days and introduce you to the CORE approach of today’s empowered woman. Participants will learn how to use their power to transform their health and their lives.

Brings new meaning to food for thought, doesn’t it?


About the Author:

Mary Fox, LMHC, RD challenges the traditional approach to weight management to help people discover their path to success. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Registered Dietitian, she combines both disciplines into a unique and comprehensive approach that is changing the way we understand weight management.

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