The Real Skinny Approach

  • Friday Favorite: Make Eating Fresh & Real Easy!

    “Eating Fresh & Real at every meal is so hard though” “Eating fruits and veggies doesn’t taste good” “Real foods take too long to cook” …Ever heard these excuses before or said them yourself? Don’t worry we’ve all been there but to get real with our skinny, it’s time to get real with our mindset- […]

  • It Might Be Time To…

    …challenge your mindset if you feel stuck, frustrated, or like you are always moving one step forward and two steps back. Webster’s dictionary defines mindset as a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you interpret and respond to situations. Mindset is your beliefs, feelings, and values, wrapped into one. The REAL Skinny about […]

  • Friday Favorite: Carrots

    Hello Fabulous Real Skinny’s! Happy Friday! We love eating Fresh, eating Real at Every Meal, don’t you? Each week we will feature a food in season, an herb and then feature a recipe. We will feature a REAL Skinny with their recipe’s too! Why is it so important to eat fresh, real, local and seasonal? […]

  • Our new CORE Connection!

    Introducing Jen Seif, owner of Love Your Core Pilates in Fort Myers, Florida Jen’s videos will be a great addition to our newsletter each week. In them she will teach us some simple, basic, but very effective core strengthening exercises. You’re going to love how Jen connects you to your body and in turn, your […]

  • Brand New Trivia Tuesday Video Launching Today!

    Ready to get REAL with your Skinny even more? Join us for our brand new Trivia Tuesday Video Edition on where you will be challenged with food questions, dinner etiquette, nutrition tips and exercise tricks! Come on over & maybe you’ll be our next winner!

  • Friday Favorite: Citrus Spritzer

    T G I Spritz! Happy Friday Real Skinny’s! We have a really fun item today to share with you! It’s called a Citrus Spritzer and can be found at (we bought ours at Best Buy though)! You just pop it in your favorite citrus & spritz away! I enjoyed the citrus juice in my […]

  • Friday Fav!

    T G I F! It really is no fun to be unhappy, it totally throws off the entire day when someone (that person that cut you off this morning, a rude co-worker, etc etc) steals our sunshine, right, ? Well it’s time to get REAL with ourselves & those happy thieves we encounter on a daily […]

  • January 30,2013 A Moment On The Lips…

    …is just not long enough to really appreciate the taste and flavor of your food. Eating is a multi-sensory experience. Slow down, relax, and enjoy nourishing your body. Use your eyes and notice what is on your plate. Smell the aroma of your food. Chew slowly and appreciate the flavor and texture of what you […]