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This category has fresh, fun and inspiring items we find weekly. Friday’s Favorites could feature REAL food, special treasures, exciting people, fabulous places, encouraging quotes or a bright, new REAL Skinny Principle! We love getting REAL with our Friday’s & we encourage you to enjoy your Friday’s too! What are some of your favorite treasures?! Let’s collaborate!

  • Friday Fav!

    Happy Friday’s Real Skinny’s! Our favorite item today is this fabulous Taste #5 Umami Paste created by Laura Santtini and can be found/bought here or here! Vision this oh so common scenario: It’s dinner time, you have had a long day & are exhausted, everyone is hungry but no one is in the mood to […]

  • Friday Fav: Crunchy Chips & Creamy Dip!

    Our Friday Fav today is a spin on “Crunchy Chips & Creamy Dip“ (minus the chemicals, preservatives & additives of shelf bought chips & dip) The avocado took a few days to ripen up but once it did, I sliced it in half, cut up some of September’s crunchiest, yummiest veggies (and a tomato for […]

  • Friday Fav! Take 10 to discover you!

    Friday is Finally Here! Hooray! Our favorite item today is: TAKE 10 to discover you! Although we have been taking 10 minutes every day for ourselves to do what we want to do for us, it is time today to Take 10 minutes to write down everything you LOVE about yourself! Whether it is your […]

  • Friday’s Favorite Item!

    T G I F We are so excited about today’s Friday Fav because it is edible! Salads aren’t so fun without a tasty dressing, right? Well today we have a simple recipe for you to whip up your own dressing that is so good and made with Real ingredients. Ingredients: Balsamic Vinegar (cheapest kind) Olive […]

  • Friday Fav!

    Happy Friday REAL Skinny’s! The COREsheet this week helps you let go of past beliefs and renew yourself of your CORE beliefs. Move inward instead of outward for answers, you will feel better in no time! Take a deep breath & release to renew you!

  • 8.17.12 Friday Fav!

    Wow, Friday is here again and we can’t wait to share the Friday Fav today! Since you have been Centering on your Purpose all last week and now have begun Owning your Power this week, aren’t you feeling more REAL with your Skinny? It’s a great feeling right? Today we want to help you get even […]

  • Friday Fav! Purpose COREsheet

    Hi Real Skinny’s! The newsletter this week featured the “C” in our CORE Approach, “Center on your Purpose”. Connecting & centering on your purpose opens you up to learning and growing beyond where you are NOW and allows CHANGE to really stick! Purpose not only picks you up when you self sabotage but grounds you […]

  • Friday Fav: Olympic Opening Ceremonies

    Happy Friday Real Skinny’s!     Our Friday Fav today is something you can’t miss out on! Just hours from now, the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremonies will be broadcasted on NBC all the way from London! The ceremony begins at 7:30 ET and we can’t wait to be posting on FB & Twitter all about what […]